CNU Hosts Orientation for Incoming International Students

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- 2018학년도 후기 외국인 유학생 오리엔테이션

▲ New international students have an orientation on Yeosu campus on September 1

    Starting from September 1, new international students had a two-day orientation on Yeosu campus. During the orientation, about 120 international students were provided with information about CNU and two cities where the university campuses are located. A coordinator of the Office of International Affairs said that they will help international students by providing many programs including a buddy program and cultural experience programs. Park Sang-kyoo, Vice President of CNU Yeosu Campus greeted the international students saying, “CNU will provide essential support to your study and preparation for a job. We will be with you to help you become a global leader who contributes to your own country and Korea after finishing your studies.” One of the students who will study on Yeosu campus, Otabek Juramirzaev (Freshman, Faculty of Business Administration), expressed his expectation of studying abroad by saying “I came to Korea to learn about the Korean education system as well as business connections between my country and Korea. I will try hard to get a higher education diploma at CNU.”

▲ Park Sang-Kyoo, vice president of CNU Yeosu Campus gives a speech to new international students at a orientation held on Yeosu campus on September 1.

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