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▲ A volunteer student participated in the VACE and local children posing for a picture in Laos

    Have you ever felt bored with a monotonous, hectic life and felt an urge to take actions that make your life livelier? If you like helping people, contributing to society and making the world a better place to live, you have probably thought about volunteering at least once. Volunteering has become so popular that nowadays it is taking up the largest part of social work. There are different types of volunteering activities that can be accomplished by anyone.

CNU Volunteer Program
    CNU offers an overseas volunteer program named “Volunteer Abroad & Cultural Experience (VACE)” for its students. It aims at giving students opportunities to broaden their horizons while volunteering in foreign countries. The Office of Student Affairs will recruit participants for the VACE program every semester. Students who are interested in volunteering in Asia, America, and European countries during vacation can apply for the international volunteer program connected to the International Workcamp Organization. Applicants are required to submit specific plans for volunteering abroad. Kim Kyeong-a (Junior, Dept. of Chemical Engineering) who participated in the program last year said, “I gained a lot of experiences by volunteering in Laos. The best part was that we befriended many people and till now I keep in touch with my other team members. Although the documentation process can be a little burdensome, I really want to advise this volunteering program to other students.” Lee Dae-seung (Junior, Dept. of Mathematics) who is going to volunteer this year said, “I want to share thoughts, culture and make unforgettable memories with people from different cultures. Also, I want to be a person who can easily help and sympathize with other people’s opinions in Korea.” He added that the experience of communicating with people with diverse cultures and experiences will greatly affect his personal and professional values in Korea.

Off-campus Volunteer Program
    The Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) is promoting amicable and cooperative relations and mutual exchanges by rendering support for economic and social development of partner countries. The World Friends KOICA Volunteers program dispatches Korean nationals to partner countries to share expertise, knowledge, and experience in order to make practical contributions to their socio-economic development. Between 1990 and 2010, a total of 7,806 volunteers were sent overseas to work in sectors such as education, health, rural development and information & communication technology.
    Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) supports many volunteering activities. Some of them are KEPCO E&C, KEPCO Global Volunteers, KEPCO University Student Supporters, etc. An example of this program was done in Cambodia for eight days in August. Students who participated in all educational schedules before volunteering and responsible students were eligible and all activity expenses were fully covered. Volunteers have done different types of activities, such as helping out with photovoltaic generators, street lamp installations, electrical science labs, cultural exchange activities and cultural explorations.
    The Cross-Cultural Awareness Program (CCAP) UNESCO is a cultural volunteer program to recognize the importance of mutual understanding among different cultures. It is organized by the Korean National Commission for UNESCO and supported by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, and has been introducing a diversity of cultures from around the world to the Korean youth since 1998. The CCAP is designed to be a participatory process that augments education for international understanding in schools nationwide and promotes a culture of tolerance and mutual respect. Both international and Korean students can participate by being Korean Interpreting Volunteers and Cultural Exchange Volunteers. If you want to join the program email
    The Korean Red Cross evolved to become a major humanitarian organization to the Korean people and major humanitarian partner to the government, especially in disaster response, blood service and inter-Korean humanitarian issues. Today, they run programs in disaster preparation and response, blood transfusion, relief and development in foreign countries, first aid and safety, restoring family links, IHL and much more. Everybody who is fluent in Korean and different skills can volunteer for the Korean Red Cross. If you want to volunteer email

By Imarova Mokhinur, Tribune Reporter

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