Chonnam National University Hosts 2018 Tech Fair

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- 전남대학교, 2018 테크페어 개최

▲ Local residents and students came to see the 2018 Chonnam National University Tech Fair held at Yongji Hall from from November 29 to 30.

     Chonnam National University (CNU) has hosted the 2018 Tech Fair at the Yongji Hall from November 29 to 30 in order to share the achievements of university industry cooperation with local residents and companies. A large number of people came to see the fair where students showed their inventions and startup items, and visitors explored VR experience and drone flying. The fair also presented the Green Market at which students sold their products as startups outside of the hall and the Capstone Design competitive exhibition at G&R Hub. Kim Chae-yeon (Junior, Dept. of Education) who is a staff member of the Institute of Educational Research said, “The fair was the chance to show our results to a lot of people. Especially, I was proud to hear that many students of College of Education thought our results would be effective to pre-teachers.” Team Manager of University Industry Liaison Office of CNU Yoo Sin-Wook said, “The fair is the place we can see all the results of many CNU consortia at the same time. We will try harder to develop and spread models that will have positive effects on the community.” Marking its 10th anniversary, this fair has been evaluated to lead local industry and economic development. 

By Baek Du-jin, Tribune Reporter

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