Student Ambassadors: Special Guides to Campus Visitors

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Do you remember students in uniforms who guided prospective students and visitors from around the world walking on campus? You do not often come across them, but they play one of the biggest roles, offering information about our university and supporting a variety of official school events. They are Student Ambassadors (SA) of Chonnam National University (CNU). The Chonnam Tribune interviewed the current staff members of Student Ambassadors about their activities and experiences.

▲ (from left) Yang Yeong-sin, Yang I-sak, Park So-hyun, Im Ji-a, Yun Seong-jae

Q. What kind of activities do SA members conduct?
Im Ji-a: We help inspire prospective students from middle and high schools by taking them on campus tours. By supporting CNU’s official events including ceremonies, we also provide foreign professors visiting our university more detailed information about CNU and its history as well.

Q. What are the most important qualities to become an SA?
Yun Seong-jae: Firstly, responsibility is needed to become a Student Ambassador as it is hard to keep up with studies and extracurricular activities at the same time. School spirit and self-confidence are also necessary. They have to explain something to visitors from the bottom of their heart in public places.

Q. What benefits can you get from being an SA member?
Yang Yong-sin: We are awarded a scholarship every semester. CNU is rewarding us for our hard-work, and it motivates us to work harder.
Im Ji-a: We are blessed to have a lot of good friends. In addition, we get information about the university’s programs and careers faster than other students.

Q. Do you consider the role of an SA difficult?
Park So-hyun: Actually, some ambassadors are not extroverts, but they have to speak in front of many people all the time. So it is hard to overcome their introverted personality.
Yang I-sak: As for the representatives of CNU, our faces are on the CNU portal site, promotional materials, etc. Sometimes people recognize who I am, and it makes my behavior more decent at every moment.

Q. What is the most interesting thing about how SA works?
Yang Yong-sin: I feel a sense of accomplishment directly. When I lead campus tours for high school or middle school students, I receive many warm-words. Sometimes, some of them even find my contact number and send me messages by saying that they really liked my tours.
Park So-hyun: After being a Student Ambassador despite tough competition, I gained self-confidence and have the chance to be friends with a broad range of students from across the university.

Q. What kinds of advice can you give to students who want to apply for SA?
Yun Seong-jae: If you look self-confident, your appearance does not matter. You need to give an impression that you are ready to be a member of Student Ambassadors by keeping eye contact during the interview.
Yang I-sak: International students are also very welcome to apply for this program, but there were no applicants. We look forward to seeing foreign applicants in the near future.

*Student Ambassadors has recently recruited new members and have always been carrying out their work and developing their skills and abilities despite their tight schedule, supported by the Division of External Affairs at the Office of Planning & Coordination since 2000. If you are interested in CNU Student Ambassadors, visit and follow them on Facebook ‘cnuambassador’.

Im Ji-a, Sophomore, Faculty of Business Administration
Yun Seong-jae, Junior, School of Materials Science and Engineering
Yang Yong-sin, Junior, Faculty of Business Administration
Park So-hyun, Junior, Dept. of Landscape Architecture
Yang I-sak, Sophomore, Faculty of Business Administration

By Khamdamova Nigina, Tribune Reporter
Lee Yun-joo, Editor-in-Chief

Khamdamova Nigina 기자 /이윤주 기자

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