Tribune: The Good and the Missing

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▲ Yoon Sin-ae, Senior, Dept. of Environment and Energy Engineering
    I got to know about the magazine named ‘Chonnam Tribune’ by chance. Overall, it was a magazine that could provide useful information in many ways such as school news, current events, and culture. I read the Global Campus most impressively. I did not have the opportunity to study at a foreign university as an exchange student, but I get vicarious satisfaction while reading stories of students who had been abroad as an exchange student. The CNU Information was published at the bottom of the Foreign Community page briefly. I think it is prepared for foreign friends or freshmen who do not know the operation process of Chonnam National University. I felt that it was so considerate, but also felt that it was lacking. I think that this part seemed to be the most necessary thing in school life at the beginning of the semester. Therefore, it would be more helpful if the Tribune made more information by putting this in the table of contents. In addition, interest and influence on food are increasing and it itself has become a major culture. So it would be good to add food-related contents and introduce restaurants near school or foods for foreign friends.

윤신애, 환경에너지공학과 4학년

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