Happy Booth Day for Students Held Around Bongji

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▲ Students buying handmade products at the flea market around Bongji on May 29

    CNU students shared information about off-campus activities and had a fun time at ‘Happy Booth Day’ event on May 29 around Bongji between 1 pm to 5 pm. The program aimed to promote a variety of off-campus activities and gave student a chance to become vendors at a flea market on campus. Some students who signed up for sellers on the day, sold various things such as hand-made foods, products, clothes and so on. They set the most reasonable price by asking their acquaintance so that flea market visitors can buy their stuff on the cheapest price. Shin Hyun-a (Senior, Dept. of Korean Language and Literature), who sold hand-made diffusers at the market, said, “Last year, I bought few products at the flea market. I thought it would be a good memory to sell things that I made by myself here before I graduate.” Both information and flea market booths were full with CNU students looking for new information and second-hand or handmade items.

▲ Students looking around off-campus activities information and flea market booths around Bongji on May 29

▲ Students looking around second-hand or handmade products at a flea market booth around Bongji on May 29

▲ Students lined up in front of one of activity information booths around Bongji on May 29.


By Lee Eun-ji, Student Editor

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