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▲ By Imarova Mokhinur, Guest Reporter
    Once, Oscar Wilde, an Irish poet said “Experience is one thing you can’t get for nothing.” I truly understand that everything new we get can be a life-time experience that helps us grow, to be better than before and makes us realize who we really are. Undeniably, almost all students crave making their best memories during their academic lives, achieve high goals and become the person they want to be. Since my childhood, I have always dreamt of becoming a writer or a journalist. Chonnam National University (CNU) helped me to achieve it by experiencing myself in this sphere as a reporter at the Chonnam Tribune that is an official English magazine of the university.
    When I think about the two years I have worked for this magazine, there are so many unforgettable memories, the best moments of my school life and the valuable things I learned. First of all, being a Tribune reporter helped me to improve my English writing skill as we were primarily required to write superb articles, and edit them before we publish them. And to do so, we were also taught the rules of writing, taking photos, interviewing properly and even designing magazines that help us to work more adequately. Moreover, I learned to be more punctual by learning how to manage my time, keep to the deadlines, and be responsible for my actions and mistakes.
    However, hand in hand with learning I also made new Korean and international friends who were always affectionate, courteous and a helping hand for me. There were times when all tribune reporters supported each other mentally, helped one another, taught or learned from each other and all these years we have become like one ‘Tribune Family’. I think I would not be able to get this chance if I did not become a Tribune reporter.
    There are things we are always proud of and these things show us how we lived our life. Being a part of the Chonnam Tribune has always made me feel honored due to its emphasis, history, and contributions to CNU. When I think that my pieces of writing will be kept in the archives of the Chonnam Tribune even after I graduate, it makes me feel so ecstatic. Because I believe future students will be inspired by our contributions and will do their best while they live in CNU. Last but not least, I want to thank the Tribune for this chance and I wish everyone a productive semester. 

By Imarova Mokhinur, Guest Reporter

Imarova Mokhinur, Guest Report

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