The Best Magazine I Have Read Ever

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    I can find useful information and read interesting stories from this magazine. I should have read it earlier. But I did not know about this magazine before. The part I was most impressed by was the story that some students studied abroad. I also have experienced living in Ireland. It reminds me of my life in Ireland. And I did not know that a lot of students went abroad to study, or to have a new experience. It makes me happier because many students try their best to develop themselves. I also should improve my skills and abilities to achieve my goal like them. This magazine motivated me to do my best more. The thing that I expected before reading this magazine was wit and humor. I mean this magazine is fun though. I just wanted to laugh a lot. For example, I hope to find some cartoons or animations about our university life. I have read some cartoons about what freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior students think about and how they act at a university. It was really fun. So I laughed a lot and for a long time. I hope to find that kind of stuff in the Tribune afterward. As a result, I recommend that students should read this magazine strongly and I hope they can get a lot of information that they need to prepare for their future. I already recommended this magazine to some of my friends and they said that I should have told them earlier.

박영화, 수학과 4학년

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