Taking a Real Photo to Record My Own Time

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    Taking a unique style of photo in a distinctive studio is in vogue among the young generation. As showing one’s identity and personal sensibility became a trend, photo studios are also changing their styles in a variety of ways. In particular, the studios with unique characteristics such as color profile photo studios and concept photo studios are becoming very popular. People find it special to take pictures with their friends and family with natural poses and record the real feeling of the moment. Lim Hye-bin (Senior, Dept. of Clothing and Textile) who took a picture at a color profile photo studio in Gwangju shared her experience. “I needed a picture to put in a brochure for my graduation exhibition and I wanted to take a picture at a studio that could record my real appearance. At the color profile studio, the staff helped me choose the right color background that could best show the color of my personality.”

▲ A picture of a student taken at a La La Land concept photo studio named “Now Smile” located in Ilgok-dong, Buk-gu, Gwangju

    There are special reasons why these diverse, customized photo studios attract young people. Taking pictures can record their youth forever which will not eternally remain in one’s life. For this need, studios are trying to discover various ways to take not just the appearance but also the inner self of people. Also, people who want to be respected for their distinct personalities are attracted to a new photo studio where they can freely snap their real selves in a photo. These desires and demands of young people have made even photo studios have their own noticeable features which is one of the latest trends to hit the country.

Having Fun Taking Movie Concept Photos
If you want to take a picture like the main character of a movie, a concept photo is a good option for you to choose. In a concept photo studio, customers can choose a background with concepts of famous movies and rent clothes and accessories that match the background. People can enjoy dressing up and show off their hidden aspects by taking fun photos at the studio.

Customizing Background Color for a Profile Picture
    A good way to record “me as I am” is to take a colorful profile picture. At the color profile photo studio, customers choose their own mood and background color. Photographers help them to pose for the mood that they choose. Unlike normal profile photos which make people smile unnaturally with the same background, the studio tries to snap a real profile photo which shows a person’s strong individuality.

Shooting Self-Portraits
    To take a self-portrait photo, people press the shutter on their own without a photographer in the studio. The inside of the studio is quite different from other photo studios. There are timers, lights, a screen, and a long shutter in a small room and the room is separated from the outside. Customers can freely press the shutter at the very moment they want without being noticed. That allows people to strike a pose in a much more comfortable atmosphere.

Capturing Four Memorable Photos on the Street
    Recently, we can easily see a small box-shaped photo booth on a crowded street. Anyone who is passing the street can enter this unmanned photo booth and take a picture. When a person gets inside the booth and touches the screen, a photo machine quickly takes four photos and prints them out in a photo strip by placing them vertically. To take an unplanned photo with someone who was walking together with you at that moment in the street is a big attraction of this booth.

By Lee So-hyun, Student Editor

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