International Day Brings Students From Around the World Together

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- 전남대, '국제교류의 날' 행사 개최

▲ International and Korean students wear traditional clothes and pose for a picture at a photo zone on the 2019 International Day festival on November 7.

CNU hosted the 2019 International Day on November 7 around Bongji. Students from various countries such as Korea, China, Vietnam, Germany and others set up cuisine booths and shared their traditional foods, snacks, and drinks. Along with the world food court, students could try many games including Korean traditional ones like neolttwigi. The experience zone was there for students to try on traditional clothes and make crafts of their own. The talent show was a new event that was held for the first time for students who want to show off their talent. Pham Thi Man (Vietnam, Sophomore, Dept. of Communication) who participated in running the food booth said, “It looked really fun last year. So I participated in the international day event this year too. Although making plans and preparing the food was tougher than I thought, it is great to see many people enjoying Vietnamese food.” This event was organized by the Office of International Affairs in affiliation with KT&G Sangsang Univ., which made it possible to have more programs like the promotion zone and talent shows compared to last year’s international day.

By Lee Eun-ji, Student Editor
Photo by Kim Eun-jin, Tribune Reporter

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