CNU Hosts 2019 Tech Fair

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- 전남대, 2019 테크페어 개최


▲ An international student playing a VR game at the experience zone of 2019 CNU Tech Fair on November 20.

    Chonnam National University  (CNU) hosted 2019 Tech Fair from November 20 through 22 at Yongjigwan on Yongbong campus, under the slogan “The Harmony of Local Community, Culture and Technology”. The exhibition aimed to introduce CNU’s promising technologies and achievements of University-Industry Cooperation to local residents and companies, and lead to the development of local industry.  This year’s Tech Fair introduced business support programs organized by the Support Group for Component and Materials Technology that universities and government-funded research institutions in Gwangju and Jeonnam regions. It also provided ‘Human Library Mentoring’ for job-seeking students and ‘Majors Fair’ to showcase departments that run customized scholarship programs for early employment. In addition, participants experienced a variety of advanced technologies such as playing VR games and making products for startups. Opelia de Jesus Sampaio (Exchange Student, East Timor, Faculty of Business Administration) who participated in the fair said, “It was fun to learn technologies through games and activities.” Lim Jun-seok (Senior, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering) who got a job at LG Display Co., Ltd. through the University-Industry liaison program called 'LGenius' said, "I participated in this fair to promote the customized job training program. Students who major in electronics and mechanical engineering departments can apply for the program."

▲ CNU President Jeong Byung-seok gives a congratulatory speech at the opening ceremony of 2019 CNU Tech Fair at Yongji Gwan on November 20.

▲ An international student customizing her cups at the experience zone of 2019 CNU Tech Fair on November 20.

▲ An international student listening to the explanation of making a badge at the experience zone of 2019 CNU Tech Fair on November 20.


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