CNU Democracy Trail Opens to the Public on May 18

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▲ The opening ceremony of Chonnam National University Democracy Trail takes place near the Main Gate of the university on May 18.

    Chonnam National University (CNU) Democracy Trail has been open to the public since May 18. The university held the opening ceremony of the trail near the university’s Main Gate, where the May 18 Gwangju Democratic Uprising started 40 years ago, to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the May 18 Democratization Movement. More than 200 people including CNU President Jeong Byung-seok, CNU faculty, CNU Alumni Association President Park Seung-hyun, CNU faculty, alumni, students and the guests of honor such as Catholic priest Song Ki-in, a leading figure of the pro-democracy movement in Busan and Gyeongnam regions, the bereaved families of the uprising and newly-elected members of the National Assembly attended the ceremony. Prominent figures including Kang Ki-jung, senior presidential secretary for political affairs, sent their congratulatory messages.

▲ Choi Young-tae, chairperson of the Promotion Committee for CNU Democracy Trail, explaining three courses and three secions of the trail at the opening ceremony

    The trail is composed of three courses and three sections. The courses are Peace Road, Justice Road, and Human Rights Road. Starting from the Main Gate, the courses are connected by 11 memorial sites and monuments such as Park Gwan-hyun Hill, Yun Sang-won Forest, Park Seung-hee Garden, and May 18 Square. The sections include the Core Section of the May 18 Square, the History Section of the May 18 memorial spaces and facilities, and the Liaison Section of theme gardens such as start, jump and growth. After the opening ceremony that reminded the attendees of the meaning of the actions and spirit of the martyrs, they walked along the Justice Road which includes Kim Nam-ju Yard and Educational Aims Madang.

▲ CNU President Jeong Byung-seok delivering a welcome message to the attendees at the opening ceremony

    President Jeong said in his welcoming speech, “The CNU Democracy Trail is not only a promise to remember the spirit of the people who stood against the injustice, but also an expression of the will to follow the path of democracy. We hope this trail leads to a path of harmony to walk forward together, a path of community to live together, and a path of coexistence and prosperity.” The CNU Democracy Trail Supporters Association was also launched on the same day to back up and sponsor trail management including building the trail visitor center to provide convenience for citizens and students who visit this place around May 18 every year. The trail is expected to become an educational space for democracy in everyday life and a space for culture, communication, and a place to rest for citizens and students. 

▲ A newly-elected member of the National Assembly delivering a congratulatory messsage at the opening ceremony

By Jo Ye-rin, Student Editor

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