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                             Counsel: They are the ones getting away with* murder.
                             Old woman: Where in the world is Nevis?

From The Laundromat

* Get away with something: It refers to a situation when someone does something wrong without being punished or with light punishment. When someone steals something and runs away, it can be used in the following sentences: “Thieves got away with money.” or “She got away with only a fine.”

“The Laundromat” tells the story of an old woman who chases an organization that made huge amounts of money but did not pay taxes for money laundering. She is going after them in order to receive proper insurance payments for the death of her husband. However, the more she learns about the insurance company, the more secrets involving money laundering are revealed. This movie was based on the book ”Secret World”, which demonstrates in detail money laundering by the Panama-based law firm Mossack Fonseca that was the source for leaked documents known as the Panama Papers incident in 2016.

By Kim Eun-jin, Student Editor

 <Reporter's Review>

So-hyun: The movie was all about money laundering that happened in the U.S. There may be many ways to be rich but the type of money is also important: rich or dirty. Money laundering will never wash away the dirtiness. It’s the other way round. ★★★

Eun-jin: It was a movie that showed that the laws are weak for punishing rich people who make a lot of money but do not pay taxes because of laundering money. ★★★★

Min-ji: After watching the movie, I saw there was a difference in the way the rich and the poor made money. The rich try to keep their money in all sorts of unreasonable ways such as tax evasion, and the poor work hard to earn even a little money. It made me even more bitter because the movie was based on a true story, not fiction. ★★★★

Ye-rin: This movie is about ‘money laundering’. I was surprised that this story was based on a real story. Since the scenes in the movie were so similar to the incidents of reality, it made me a little depressed. Through watching this movie, I rethought about the value of money. ★★★

Maja: I think the movie was a bit too lighthearted for the events it was based on. It was pretty educational, but considering the themes of financial corruption and crime, I would have liked to see a more serious movie instead of a comedy. However, the actors did a good job, and I loved Meryl Streep! ★★★

Hye-in: The film highlights the injustice of society by showing politicians and the rich commit tax evasion that is 'money laundering' through a paper company. From that point of view, it is instructive. ★★★★

Joon-hee: The movie was difficult to understand at first and there are some cruel scenes in between. However, the actors were so good that I could concentrate on the movie. ★★★★

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