CNU Celebrates 68 Years

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▲ CNU President Jeong Byung-seok gives speech to mark the 68th anniversary of the founding of the university during the anniversary ceremony on June 8.

    Chonnam National University (CNU) held events to celebrate the 68th anniversary of its founding on June 8 in front of Minjumaru on Yongbong campus. More than 300 people including CNU members, alumni, and the guest of honors attended a commemoration ceremony and an alumni night. At the ceremony, awards such as the Hugwang Academic Award, the Proud Alumni Award, the Yongbong Academic Award, the Outstanding Researcher Award, the Faculty and Staff Excellence Award, the Long-term Service Award were presented. CNU President Jeong Byung-seok said in his commemorative speech, “CNU is a futuristic, research-oriented, global, and eco-friendly university. Let's join forces to nurture talent and leaders for the Korea of tomorrow and the peace of all mankind and to make CNU to be loved by the region, honored by the nation, and admired by the world.” The alumni night was celebrated with dinner and various musical performances, and speeches from the award recipients. When giving toasts, the alumni offered words of encouragement for the younger students and urged everyone to take pride in being part of CNU’s legacy. As the sun set, the anniversary came to an end with promises to work hard for the future of our university.

▲ CNU Alumni Association President Park Seung-hyun gives congratulatory messages during the anniversary ceremony on June 8.

▲ Many people including CNU faculty, alumni, students and the guests of honor attend the the 68th anniversary ceremony on June 8.

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