2021 GSC Election to Be Held on December 2

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▲ The candidates for the 2021 President and Vice President of General Student Council at CNU

The elections for the 2021 General Student Council (GSC) at CNU will be held online on December 2, 2020. Lim Gi-ahn (Junior, Dept. of Statistics) and Han Che-young (Junior, Dept. of Agricultural and Biological Chemistry), Lee In-woo (Senior, School of Polymer Science and Engineering) and Park Hong-eun (Junior, Dept. of History) registered as the candidates for the 2021 GSC President and Vice President. As of November 16, the Central Election Management Committee (CEMC) confirmed the presidential and vice presidential candidates for the 2021 GSC. They are allowed to run both non-face-to-face and face-to-face campaigns on campus till December 1, but the CEMC has recommended that the candidates should focus on non-face-to-face activities. Chairman of the CEMC, Yun U-hyeon (Dept. of Family Environment and Welfare) said, “We have actively recommended non-face-to-face campaigns to the candidates to create the election that complies with quarantine rules. I hope CNU students show a lot of interest in the election and exercise their right to vote.” As there has been no the university’s GSC for the last two years, many of the university members said that students should have attentions and interests in this upcoming election, which could might lead to a successful election result. The election campaign started on November 18.

By Kim Eun-jin, Editor-in-chief

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