Innovative Outdoor Trash Cans

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▲ Pugedon’s recycling boxes for stray animals In Turkey

Walking along the street, you can see a lot of trash cans overflowing with trash and also garbage dumped on the street, especially in urban areas. This is a problem around the world, and many countries are trying to reduce waste and get rid of overflowing trash cans, by trying new things such as changing the shape and function of ordinary trash cans. These new ideas are known to be unique and also some new programs have emerged as solutions. The Chonnam Tribune introduces a variety of ideas from around the world as a way to encourage people to throw garbage away into trash cans.

▲ A free Wi-Fi trash bin in In India

Functional Street Trash Bins

Functional Street Trash Bins Starting in Istanbul, Turkey, Pugedon’s recycling boxes are vending machines for stray animals, which accept plastic bottles and dispense food and water. When an empty plastic bottle is put into the machine, fodder and clean water comes out of the outlet so that street cats and dogs can eat at any time. In India, you can use Wi-Fi for 15 minutes if you put garbage into a trash can. If you put waste into the smart trash bin, it will reveal a Wi-Fi password on a red screen. In Amsterdam, the Netherlands, if you put something that you want to throw away in a bag on the street, you will see the stuff being taken away by someone who needs it. In these unique ways, many countries are trying to make people throw garbage away properly.

▲ A volunteer participating in a program called “Adopt-a-Basket” in New York

Adopt-a-Basket Program

On the other hand, the United States implemented a program called “Adopt-a-Basket” in New York in 2015. The word adoption is attached, but it is a kind of volunteer work that uses the Nudge effect, which means a way to induce people to make better choices with soft intervention without coercion, to guide people's choices in the intended direction. It is easy to participate in the program. When a business operator who runs a store in New York applies for a trash can, he or she can adopt one near the business site, and the trash can they adopt will be kept clean by themselves. Through this program, the number of complaints related to trash cans in New York City decreased by 40% in three years, showing a tremendous effect.

▲ A garbage bag on the street in the Netherlands

Unique Trash Receptacles in Korea

Currently, there are many unique trash cans in Korea. The trash cans in Gangnam-daero, Seoul, are shaped like a coffee cup, unlike the usual square shape. The size is so big that it is easy to see that they were made to prevent dumping on the streets and to be good for the city's beauty. In Namwon, Jeollabuk-do, a bird house-shaped speaker is connected to a trash can. When a person throws trash away into the can, beautiful Korean traditional music comes out. It provides an environmental experience that changes the perception that trash cans are dirty, and it allows people to sort out recycling resources in their daily lives and have fun.

By Ma Joon-hee, Tribune Reporter

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