CNU Hosts Global Food Street Online

기사승인 2020.12.14  10:40:36

▲ Mongolian students explaining Mongolian steamed dumplings "Buzz" in Korean  

CNU hosted Global Food Street online which introduces how to make traditional foreign dishes with its international students. During the event period, the Office of International Affairs posted a series videos about dishes of four countries including China, Vietnam, Mongol and Kyrgyzstan to its YouTube channel. In this series, international students made their own dishes and explained various information such as the origin and related episodes of the food besides the recipes of their own country in Korean. The international dishes presented in the videos are Mongol’s "Buuz" (steamed dumplings), Vietnam’s "Bun Met" (rice noodles with pig feet on the top), China’s "Malaxianguo" (fried veggies and meets with Mala sauce), and Kyrgyzstan’s "Beshbarmak" (bulgogi). Kim Ga-hyeon (Junior, Dept. of English Language and Literature) who watched the video series said, “Through these videos, I could get knowledge about the other countries’ food. Especially Vietnam food Bun Met took my interest and two students’ explanation was very good.” This event was designed as a part of the University Town-type Urban Regeneration New Deal Project, and the videos are available on YouTube channel named ‘Chonnam National University-OIA’.


▲ Vietnamese students explaining rice noodles with pig feet on the top ""Bun Met" in Korean


▲ Chinese students explaining fried veggies and meets with Mala sauceric, "Malaxianguo" in Korean

▲ Kyrgyzstani students explaining Kyrgyzstan-styled bulgogi, "Beshbarmak" in Korean

By Jo Ye-rin, Student Editor

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