CNU Announces 'Book of the Year' for 2021 GJRT

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- 2021 올해의 한 책 선포: 박상미의 '관계에도 연습이 필요합니다'

▲ CNU Vice President Lee Kang-lae announced the Book of the Year for the 2021 Gwangju & Jeonnam Read and Talk at the ceremony to mark the 69th anniversary held online on June 9.

On June 9, Chonnam National University (CNU) announced that Park Sang-mi’s Relationships Also Require Practices selected as the Book of the Year for 2021 Gwangju and Jeonnam Read and Talks (GJRT), organized by the CNU Library. Vice President Lee Kang-lae proclaimed it at the online ceremony to commemorate the 69th anniversary of founding of the university.

According to the library, a total number of 10,639 people participated in voting to choose the book of the year from April 21 to May 20; 3,273 voted online, and 7,366 voted offline at local libraries and facilities. Other nominees are as follows; Mo Ji-hyeon’s Dreaming Apples, Woo Jong-yeong’s I Learned Life From Trees, Kim Eung-gyo’s Thirty-three Meetings: Baek Seok and Dong-ju, and Jeong Jae-chan’s What We Call Life.

The CNU Library has also provided various opportunities for local residents such as operating book clubs, a literary tour, and a special lecture of the writer of this year’s book. Started in 2013 as the form of ‘One City, One Book,’ the GJRT has fostered a reading culture in the community by promoting citizens of our regions to read and discuss the same book every year.

By Jo Beom-seo, Tribune Reporter

▲ 2021 Book of the Year Nominees


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