CNU Throws Farewell Party for Exchange Students

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▲ International exchange students posing for a picture after the farewell party organized by the Office of International Affairs on November 4

    On December 4, CNU held a farewell party for international exchange students and said goodbye to them who are returning to their homes after this term. During the party held by the Office of International Affairs at the G&R Hub, the students played games and participated in quizzes that tested everything they had learned during their stay in Gwangju, Korea. With only a few weeks left until the end of the semester, some of them were sad to leave the campus and their friends they had made there, but the party lifted their spirits. “Korea is such a different culture from my own home country,” said Camille Lisa Gautronneau (France, Exchange Student, Dept. of Agriculture and Life Sciences). “Every day here was exciting, because it felt like I could always learn something new or see something I had not seen before. I’m really going to miss discovering new things every day,” she added.

▲ Foreign exchange students participating in the farewell party

▲ A Farewell Party for Foreign Exchange Students took place at G&R Hub on November 4.

By Von Bruun Maja Elisabeth, Cub Reporter

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